pigging week 2018

Iran-KTN pipeline Pigging Week

21-26 july 2018



The Iran - KTN Pipeline Pigging week has been held on 21-25 July in Shiraz, Ahwaz, Isfahan, Tehran and Assaluye. This event organized by Pipeline Oil and Gas Magazine and collaboration of KTN.

This 5-day seminar was hosted more than 500 pipeline engineer experts from the subsidiary companies of Iran ministry of Petroleum (National Iranian South Oil Company, Iranian Gas Transmission co, Iranian oil Pipeline & Telecommunications co, provincial gas companies, National oil company, petroleum ministry, Iranian Central oil fields co, and …).



Day 1 – Shiraz

The first day of seminar held in Shiraz in the conference hall of Gas Transmission Company - District 5. About 80 pipeline and piging expert engineers from Fars province gas transmission companies, Fars Pipeline and Telecommunications Company, District 5 Gas Transmission Operations Company and South Zagros Oil and Gas Company attended this seminar.





Day 2 – Ahwaz

The second day of the Iran- KTN pipeline pigging seminar was held in the conference hall of the Technical and Engineering Training Department of the South Oil Company in Ahwaz. Approximately 100 pipeline experts from Khuzestan province gas companies National Iranian South Oilfields Company, National Oil Company, Gas Transmission Dist. 1, Karun Oil and Gas Operations Company and Khuzestan Province Pipeline and Telecommunication Company participated on the second day of the seminar and discussed about the issues mentioned above.




Day 3. Tehran

In Following of holding this seminar in other cities, on the third day of the seminar in Tehran, more than 210 pipeline industry experts attend the seminar from following companies: NIGC Dist. 3,4 and 8, Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company, Iranian Central Oil Fields Company, National Iranian Oil Product Distribution Company, National Iranian Oil Company, Iranian Offshore Oil Company, Niko Company, Tehran Province Gas Company, SGS, Oil and Gas Engineering, Phase 13, Phases 22-24, Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications, Northwest Region, Iranian Gas Transmission Company, Iranian Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company, Iran Atomic Energy Organization, Pars Oil and Gas Co. ,NIORDC, NIOC Exploration Directorate, Iranian Gas Engineering and Development, Manufacturing support and procurement Kala Naft Tehran, Research & Technology Management of National Gas Company, Iranian Oil Terminals, Tehran Province Gas Company, Gas Transportation Headquarters and Iran Ministry of petroleum.



Day 4 – Assaluye

The fourth day of the seminar was held Pars Oil and Gas Company site 1 in Assaluyeh. About 60 pipeline specialists of the POOGC participated in the seminar and discussed the issues of managing the pipelines integrity and challenges of Iran pipelines and other related issues of pigging, types of pigs, and new technologies.




Day 5 – Isfahan

The last day of this conference was held in Isfahan branch of Iranian Oil Pipeline & Telecommunications Company. On this day of the seminar, with the participation of 60 engineers from Pars Oil and Gas Companies, Isfahan Pipelines and Telecommunications, Iran's 2nd Gas District, Lorestan District Pipelines and Telecommunications, Isfahan Province Gas Company, Iranian Oil Terminal company and Dist. 2 Iran Gas Transmission Company, issues related to smart pigging, non-destructive tests, and integrated pipeline management discussed.